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Databse Management Services

Both recruiting and sales benefit from a consistent review of your candidate database

Tenpath helps companies bring efficiency to the onboarding process by managing the new hire verification and document collection. Using your existing onboarding workflow or one we develop together, Tenpath onboarding specialists keep candidates engaged and manage them through the new hire checklist.Our database update services are an effective way to maintain, clean and validate data to provide access to candidates who may otherwise not be found. Additionally, data gleaned from candidate CVs may provide sales opportunities into companies that you are not currently servicing or prospecting.

  • Updated CVs
  • Data on newly acquired skills
  • Availability dates
  • Interest in a career change forward planning for follow-up calls
  • A pipeline of candidates available for work
  • Potential sales leads: a list of companies where candidates have worked
  • Streamline internal processes and reduce reliance on job boards to find active candidates
  • Improve the usefulness of your internal database, directly resulting in an increase in candidates to market submit to opportunities

Advanced follow-up activities increase candidate engagement, brand recognition and speed of finding suitable candidates for open positions.

If our engagement is ongoing, it will remove the time expended by your internal team to parse CVs to the database and skills code candidate resumes/CVs.

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